Adsense PIN Verification Letter Not Coming Now What Doing?

Adsense PIN Verification Letter Not Coming Now What Doing?

What to do if the Google Adsense Address Verification PIN code doesn’t come even though it’s been almost 4 months, ? Well this time I want to share my experience when I verified my google adsense account from the beginning I made me adsense to verify this adsense account address.

Previously, for friends, welcome back to the Sumbercomputer blog. Finally, there is finally time to write a blog because it has been a very long time since I have written a new article because of busyness in the real world. Hehehe

The Beginning of Making Google Adsense

Ok, let’s go back to the title of the theme in this article, which is about verifying google adsense accounts, so for those of you who don’t know what google adsense is, maybe you can just search on google what is google adsense here, I’ll just go straight to my experience while making me adsense until I managed to make it so I assume the computer source friend here already knows what Google Adsense is.

So at first I created this google adsense account in 2019 at first it was just a fad to apply in the income menu if you don’t know, so if you play blogger then on your blog administrator menu there will be an income menu but the menu doesn’t appear right away so to bring it up, you have to be diligent in making articles to increase your blogger views. Here’s an example of the Blogg Menu that has appeared.

So, if you already have a menu like the picture above, your blog should immediately submit your blog so that it can be crawled by advertisements, so in this submission, my friend is not immediately accepted because Google needs time to re-review your blog, is it really feasible to display Google Adsense ads?.

Around early 2019, I submitted an application and was finally accepted. Wow, it feels so good that my blog can finally display ads like other blogs. From there I began to be more diligent in making articles so that the number of posts on my blog increased.

Long story short, after I’ve earned income on the adsense balance, there is a notification from the adsense party that we are asked to add a bank account number in the Payment menu for our adsense account by linking a bank ATM to Adsense, the process also uses a verification code but the code is sent to a bank account we.

Google Adsense Bank Verification

Well, about 4 months after I received my application, I was asked to create a bank account that can be linked or connected to a google adsense account. In linking a local bank to an adsense account, there is something that needs to be considered in my experience, namely the Verification Code provided by Adsense through our passbook. hehe it must be confusing.

So when we link a BCA Bank ATM card, for example, in Adsense, there is a column that must be filled, namely the verification code column, where is this code from,, This code will be in our passbook, so we have to be diligent in printing our passbook if I was yesterday once a week .,

actually this code is the amount of money that is transferred to our account which is used as a verification code for adsense, now the money transferred is only 500 to 900 rupiah, so my friend always pays attention to the receipt of incoming money transfers printed on your savings book, usually the nominal is small, but 3 digits only.

And when you enter this code, you only have 3 chances, so don’t get it wrong 3 times in a row otherwise your ATM will be permanently blocked by Adsense and you have to create a new ATM with a new account again.

Home Address Verification

Home Address Verification or what is called Google Adsense PIN Verification, yup, my friend didn’t read it wrong, so Adsense here has verification steps, now for Verification of this PIN or Home Address, this is the last verification and in my experience.

This home appliance verification will be requested when the balance is checked. our google adsense has reached 10 dollars or around 1,35,000 or has also been 10% of the minimum payout limit for google adsense balance and in my opinion this last verification is the longest and most difficult and also impressive.

So why do I verify my home address because when my friend already has Adsense account is mandatory for friends to complete biodata according to your ID card, such as your name and residential address because this Adsense PIN will be sent directly by Google to your home address according to the data in your account.

So if the data address, name, or cellphone number, you are not correct. then it is very certain that your friend’s PIN sent by Google is For the letter, it will never reach the house, let alone because of the wrong address like me.

who have completely complete address data, everything can not reach the house because of technical problems in the field or whatever, I also don’t know. So the PIN itself will be sent in the form of a letter and sent via POST INDIA to your home address.

I myself started to verify this home address PIN from the beginning of January 2021 and the verification PIN has a limit of 4 months, so for 4 months we are given the opportunity to enter the PIN code received via the Google Adsense letter earlier.

Well if for 4 months If you don’t verify, your AdSense account will automatically stop serving ads on your blog. in my experience yesterday, I haven’t received it for 3 months but I have read several articles from google that the PIN code is most likely not reaching the home address.

So please always check with the CENTRAL POST office in your city to the Customer Service section. At first I only asked once a month to the POST office but the answer was always no one came in or no one received a PIN code from google until the 3rd month I hope – please worry, so based on my anxiety I decided to ask the POST office once a week but The result is nil.

Wow, I was quite disappointed that I was confused about what to write an article about for the blog. at that time I had given up because there was already a notification on my adsense that the PIN code had to be inputted otherwise the ads would be stopped from showing on the blog. so on June 1, 2021

I tried to come back again asking the POST office if my Adsense PIN code had arrived then the CS section of the POS office replied that there was no, maybe Ms. customer service felt sorry that she finally gave the contact number of one of the officers who handled the goods section so that I don’t have to go back and forth to the POST office even though I’m a little disappointed but in my heart I still expect my PIN.

after that I re-opened my adsense account and re-submitted my PIN or rather asked for a replacement PIN so that Google sent a new PIN back to my address, with less than 3 weeks remaining from the specified limit to enter the pin code.

Here, there is really little hope, so I thought that maybe it wasn’t my sustenance, so I’ll just be honest if it doesn’t arrive with the PIN code, I’ll just leave my blog as it is, but with such a long effort I finally tried to call back the contact number of the officer previously given from the previous customer service and finally, thank God, it turned out that my Adsense verification PIN had arrived and I just took it.

After a long time of waiting, finally my adsense account can be verified. The next morning I am ready to go straight to the POS office to take the PIN code with enthusiasm hehe. Finally the long wait paid off. now I can focus more on making new articles on my blog.

So for those of you who are still waiting for a PIN verification letter from Adsense, I suggest you always follow up at least once a month or better once a week to the Central POS office in your area.

because in essence this google adsense letter does not have a receipt number so it is difficult to track so make sure the address, name, Nohp that is entered in your adsense account is correct. that’s my experience as long as I create an adsense account and as long as I wait for the verification process until I succeed. maybe it can be additional knowledge for my friend, maybe there are those who experience like me or are waiting for the PIN code.

ok hopefully useful enough, wassalam…

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