GeneratePress Premium Theme Review 2021

GeneratePress Premium Theme Review 2021

Talking about themes for wordpress is endless, by default, you just want to tweak the appearance of the web, especially if you feel you have more money.

I myself have changed the template for this blog 3 times in the last year just for the sake of trying what it feels like to have various premium themes.

By the way, maybe this GeneratePress Premium theme review is my last premium wordpress theme review and recommendation on this blog, at least for this year.

The reason is not because there are no better premium wordpress themes, but because I have used quite a lot of budget to try the three premium wordpress themes that I bought 3 months ago. I have also provided reviews regarding other premium wordpress themes that I have used such as Genesis Framework and Superfast.

In choosing the best wordpress theme or template, I always judge it from several things such as design, features, customization, speed, and of course in terms of price. And GeneratePress Premium is included in the criteria for the best premium wordpress theme or template in my version.

Unlike the premium wordpress themes or templates that I have reviewed before, GeneratePress Premium is not in the form of a theme or template as usual, but is a plugin. This GeneratePress Premium plugin is what will activate the premium features that you can use from GeneratePress.

GeneratePress Premium by Design

In terms of design, GeneratePress premium has provided a lot of presets, so you can choose the design you want.

So you don’t have to worry about what kind of web/blog look because everything has been provided, just choose the one that fits your taste.

GeneratePress Premium in terms of Features

Honestly, I really like the features offered by GeneratePress Premium, there are lots of features offered such as

  1. Available features
  2. Site Library
  3. Color
  4. Typography
  5. Disable Elements
  6. Menu Plus
  7. Spacing
  8. Blog
  9. Secondary Nav
  10. Sections
  11. Background
  12. Disable Elements
  13. Import & Export

But of the many features available, the ones I like the most are the Menu Plus, Disable Elements, and Site Library. Everything can be configured through the customize page without having to manually edit the css files in the theme.

GeneratePress in terms of Customization

Cuztomization on the GeneratePress Premium theme is designed in such a way to make it easier for users who are new to website programming languages. Almost all customization can be done here, including changing fonts, layout sizes, and so on.

GeneratePress in terms of Speed

In terms of speed, GeneratePress Premium is certainly not in doubt. When I try to measure the speed value on the pagespeed insight page, this premium generatepress can get a value of 97 for the mobile and 98 for the desktop version, although this value is also obtained with the help of the autoptimize plugin.

Pros and Cons in terms of Price

After being presented with so many advantages of each feature of this theme, of course it would not make sense if the price given was too cheap. GeneratePress Premium itself is priced at $59 for a year of support, and also $249 if you want support forever.

When compared to the previous premium wordpress themes that I have reviewed, the price of this theme is indeed much more expensive for permanent renewal support. But indeed, this theme offers so many conveniences that you don’t have to bother touching the program code on the website to shape the appearance of the website as you like.

My recommendation, you better buy the $249 package because it supports updates forever, so you don’t have to make another purchase every year to get theme updates.

You can purchase the GeneratePress Premium theme via this link.

Click Here 

If you feel this theme is too expensive, I suggest you to save or you can try other cheaper premium wordpress theme variants such as BloggingPro or Superfast.

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