How to Get Rangoli Stamps in Google Pay

How to Get Rangoli Stamps in Google Pay: The Simplest, Easiest Guide

Google Pay clients have a chance to win Rs 251 and extra prize money of up to 1 lakh. The organization has presented another Diwali reward highlight to the application.

The entirety of the clients need to gather every one of the 5 stamps, for example, Diya, Jhumka, Flower, Lanterns, and Rangoli to guarantee the ensured prize of Rs 251 straightforwardly connected into a ledger before October 31 at 12 PM.

Also, Google will choose the most fortunate champ with the guide of a draw on November 1.

How to Get Rangoli Stamps in Google PayThe Simplest, Easiest Guide

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What are the prizes?

The new rewards list contains the following: • Rs 50,000 in cash for 5 Rangoli designs • One lakh Rupees worth on the total of 5 designs • 2 more gift vouchers worth Rs 50,000 Google is the primary program provider on this given day of Diwali.

The application takes pride in being the preferred way to receive the best rewards. We need to think about submitting Rangoli designs, basically, to get the easy and exciting way to get the rewards, here are the easy steps to follow to obtain the best rewards. Rangoli Stamps: Rangoli design is an ancient culture and it is performed by leaving red and green powder or flowers inside a ring of clay.

For this, the user is required to click and make the shapes of dots. Just make it count as well as the number of the dots and you are covered!

How to Get Rangoli Stamps in Google Pay

Just all you need is to get the maximum 5 of those 5, For example, Rangoli, Symbol of Joy, Jhumka, Flower, God, and the Godly colour. Then, you have to stand a 24 x 36 inch board out of the boundries of your house along with a window close to ensure that you can pick the All Day Rush.

Get into your application or maybe pay wave and you’ll get a whole bunch of enchanting Do Not Disturb-like messages to stay a whole day and some calls and messages. Stay a whole day and some calls and messages.

Just before the board arrives at your doorstep, keep refreshing for the date of collection. Once you have received it, you can proceed to the bank along with your printed documents for which the private can click for it.


The soul of Diwali has been honored by this kind of bountiful prize in the form of Rs 251 cash bonus for Google Pay users of this category. All the FANS SHOULD ACT SOON TO BE A PART OF THIS EXCITING GAME.

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